Better than us

Original title:
Лучше, чем люди
  • MIP Drama Screenings, Official Selection, 2017
  • Series Mania, Official Selection, 2017

The story is centered on a dysfunctional family in the world where humans co-exist with androids.  Most bots undertake menial jobs and are regarded as little more than appliances. They are largely helpers, sometimes companions and even lovers. They are not allowed to harm humans.  Our protagonist Georgy Safronov, once a prominent surgeon, struggles desperately to win back his family, his job, and to bring things back to how they were in better times. He has little success, however as his ex-wife and two children are set to leave to start a new life in Australia. The situation changes when Arisa, a unique android of unknown origin, appears in Safronov’s house and life. Arisa keeps a huge secret that will force many other secrets to be uncovered...

Head of International Department

Jane Shakhshaeva

International Department Coordinator 

Larisa Leonova