The thriller starring Aleksey Vorobyov to be released on August 16th

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The movie "The Body Tree" will tell about group of students of the American higher educational, which comes to the mountain Altai small village, to visite relatives of the former classmate Karina - girls it is from these places, killed in America under mysterious circumstances. Karina brother's appears the local shaman. After the heartiest welcome he suggests friends to participate in a conciliation ritual, symbolically to issue Karina's spirit on heaven. But something goes not so, and instead of kind spirit of Karina friends release an evil ghost - Kuryum. It begins to be installed in one in other hero, forcing them to kill each other ruthlessly. The reason for that could be only one - Karina's murderer was present at a ceremony. To survive, friends shall calculate which of them is guilty of the death of the girl.